Single Family Home FOR SALE in Norwell, MA with Great Windows!


Our Norwell home was designed with the outside in mind. The idea of bringing inside the picturesque surroundings was a great way of enjoying nature from the comfort of your living area, preparing meals in the kitchen, even working in the office.


Whatever you’re doing in this home, you can almost always enjoy a beautiful view over the lawn, trees, garden, pond and lots of untouched and untouchable land.


This home boasts many oversized windows with the large, arched one above the front door, in one of the bedrooms. They are mostly casement windows, which allow for better ventilation and bring inside even more of the peaceful outside.

Natural Light

Bright, natural light is not lacking as the towering trees are beautiful, but set back far enough from the house to allow plenty of sunlight. All sides of the home have the opportunity of great views in all seasons.


The 2nd floor bathroom also enjoys a great window, but does not compromise privacy as it overlooks the back yard, where the lot extends to approx 310 ft from the house to the property line of dry land.
Lots of surrounding vegetation contribute to creating a natural privacy screen, but still don’t give the feeling of being isolated.

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