Agents & Brokers

We work regularly with agents and brokers who can help in creating our deals, whether on the Sellers’ side, representing Buyers’, providing Local Market consultation, listing, showing and other tasks instrumental to us in achieving our Real Estate goals.

Areas and States

We are particularly keen on working with agents and brokers outside of New England, where their local expertise and network can be very useful for us, as we invest anywhere in the US where there’s a deal to be made.


Sellers may pay you, or maybe WE DO, as in those deals where Sellers are unwilling and/or unable to pay Brokers’ Commissions. We understand the need for brokers and agents to be paid for their efforts, whatever they may be, when they procure a sale or provide a critical real estate service.


There is no set commission and it’s strictly dependent on the specifics of the deal, which also means that it’s not set in advance and not capped or limited in any way; any fees are discussed and agreed before making a deal.

Repeat Business

As professional Real Estate investors, we appreciate that, in order to get repeat business from agents and brokers, we must deliver on our side and we are happy to do so. We are very eager to get brokers paid at the closing or whenever pre-agreed.


There are situations where we may grant exclusivity based on deal and/or territory, especially in established relationships, to be discussed and negotiated on a deal-by-deal basis.

Marketing Edge

Agents who associate with us can offer much more to sellers and buyers. With limited help from the agent, we can quickly make offers which may result in a quick deal. Regardless of the deal finally made, the agent stands out in a competitive world as a professional with deep knowledge of the markets, with a qualified network, showing to be resourceful and have the best solution for the sellers or the buyers that the real estate industry can offer.

Extra income channels

To find out more about how an agent or broker can increase revenue or create a new and additional revenue stream by working with us, contact us any time:

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real estate agents and brokers
Real Estate Agents and Brokers can be critical in procuring our deals