Real Estate Investors
The importance of networking and working with other real estate investors
Active and passive real estate investors

We regularly work with other Real Estate Investors, whether they want to be hands-on on our deals and work side-by-side with us (Active) or just make whatever contribution we agree to and seek a yield (Passive).

investor Contribution

If you, as an investor, are interested in how to bring your resources, whether financial, technical, logistical, a combination, or whatever may be useful to set up and complete deals, reach out, and we’ll discuss how a cooperation of this kind could work.

out of region investors

We are especially interested in Investors outside of our region, New England, as their contribution can be a determining factor in the feasibility of a real estate deal. Their knowledge and network of the respective local markets are important assets for us.

Rehabbers (& Flippers)

Rehabbers (& Flippers) can be great Sellers for us, as they look at maximizing their return once the rehab is completed and it’s time to sell, or great Buyers, when we offer distressed properties in need of renovations on terms, thus avoiding the tight requirements of banks or the hefty costs of other lenders.


Wholesalers may also be great partners, because not all deals have the equity necessary for the typical wholesale deal, but they may still fit our purchasing criteria.


Landlords who don’t want to deal with the challenge of renting anymore, are great Sellers for us, as we can set up deals that provide cash flow without the headaches of renting. That’s perfect for a retiring landlord and any landlord who just wants mailbox money in a real estate deal that is as passive as it gets (tired landlords, accidental landlords, and others).

Deal facilitators

While technically not invested in our deals, facilitators at any level can be very useful in seeking out great sellers, buyers, properties, and anyone or anything that makes our deals possible.

Home sellers and buyers

In a broader sense, in many cases, our Home Sellers and our Home Buyers, are, in fact, if not formally, similar to investors who work with us to complete a residential real estate transaction.

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