Home Sellers


We buy and sell homes anywhere in the US

Transactions with Sellers:

We Buy properties, mostly Family Friendly Residential Dwellings, anywhere we can to deliver the best transaction for any serious Home Sellers.

Purpose of Our Transactions:

Our goal is to offer the best deal to Homeowners who want to SELL and in turn, to our Buyers who are looking to purchase a suitable, forever home.

There are many ways to achieve such a goal; they differ from location to location as real estate is differently regulated at the state level and also by county, town, and so on. Properties also vary greatly, as every local market has its own specificity. Home Sellers are also unique in their situation and inclinations, we pay close attention to that, it’s actually our main focus! 

Home Sellers Uniqueness:

All Home SELLERS are in a unique situation resulting from a different combination of financial, fiscal, emotional, personal, professional, and so on. They require and deserve a custom solution that not all real estate professionals offer beyond mainstream, prepackaged transactions, the “one-size-fits-all” type. These are the norm, yet they are subtly expensive, challenging, and never perfect or ideal. However, there are cases where they may be the best option after all, so we make traditional deals as well if they are the way to go. The goal is the same: deliver the best transaction for the Home Seller.

No Rentals:

A type of deal we rarely do is rentals, neither as landlords nor as property managers. They are not part of our model, although there are very specific situations where they may be optimal and fit in with our deals, but they are a rare occurrence. If you’re a renter looking to rent, a landlord looking for a tenant, or a property manager, we are not your best partners.

PLEASE NOTE: As investors, we do not represent sellers or buyers, we don’t find buyers for sellers,they are our buyers, and we don’t find homes for our buyers, we sell the homes we buy to them. The final outcome may be similar—a sale for the sellers and a home for the buyers—but the approach is very different. There’s an agreement with a seller, and there’s a separate transaction with our buyer. In practical terms, we buy from the sellers and we sell to our buyers, making 2 separate deals, although they happen simultaneously. Representing buyers and sellers is the job of agents and brokers, who typically charge a fee as a percentage of the Purchase & Sales price. We try to build a positive margin in the two transactions we make to reflect the added value of an advanced transaction with separate benefits to the sellers and our buyers. 

Process with sellers:

Outside of renting, our efforts are directed toward finding the best option that is available in real estate; consulting and agreeing terms with our sellers, who know best what works for them, is key to conducting successful business. Transactions with our SELLERS have to be designed so we can also offer deals that work for our buyers, in turn. We often buy and sell simultaneously at the same closing table, which enables us to offer the best solutions.

“Our general limits are Compliance, Ethics and Practicality!”

What falls outside of these parameters is not compatible with our business model.

That explains why our transactions have to comply with the prevailing laws, at all levels, federal, state, and local; they have to fall within our business ethics and be compatible with the way we set up and conduct our real estate business; they also have to achieve the result that justifies agreeing and entering into our purchase and sales, or, in other words, they have to “get the job done” for all parties involved, sellers, our buyers, and us, of course.

Benefits of Selling to us:

Home SELLERS will:

    • net more than they would otherwise, and/or

    • they will sell more quickly, and/or

    • achieve an ethical sale, and/or

    • have a smoother and easier transaction, and/or

    • enjoy tax benefits and/or
    • avoid the pitfalls of conventional sales and/or
    • NO contingencies and/or
    • not get charged realtor fees (or any fee from us) and/or
    • stay away from needy, unmotivated conventional buyers and/or
    • deal with our appreciative, grateful buyers and/or
    • enjoy easy showings and/or
    • sell AS-IS, no staging, no decluttering, no fixing, no packing or storing away and/or
    • learn new ways to do real estate transactions and increase your knowledge and/or
    • accrue valuable experience for your future real estate transactions and/or
    • much more..
How to get more information:

Contact us for an introductory conversation and a preliminary assessment, so we can get you an offer quickly (within a few hours, if requested, is normal), if you and your home are eligible (most are).

Call/Text: 617-921-9265 or 617-999-0269

You can even use WhatsApp to contact us at the numbers above; video, voice or text, anytime, whatever works best for you, because that’s what we’re all about!