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Home Sellers


We buy and sell homes anywhere in the US

What we do with Sellers

We Buy properties, mostly Family Friendly Residential Dwellings, anywhere we can to deliver the perfect transaction from any serious Home Sellers.

Our Purpose

Our goal is to offer a great deal to Homeowners who want to SELL and in turn, to Buyers who are looking to purchase a suitable, forever home.

There are many ways to achieve such a goal; they differ from location to location due to the fact that real estate is differently regulated at the state level and also by county, town, and so on.

Home Sellers Uniqueness

All Home SELLERS are in a unique position resulting from a different combination of financial, fiscal, emotional, personal, professional, and so on. They require and deserve a custom solution that not all real estate professionals can offer beyond mainstream, prepackaged transactions. These are the norm, yet they are subtly expensive, challenging, and never perfect or ideal. However, there are also cases where they may also be the best option after all, and we make traditional deals as well if they are the way to go.

No Rentals

The main type of deal we rarely do is rentals, neither as landlords nor as property managers. They are not part of our model, although there are very specific situations where they may make sense to us and slot in with our deals nicely, but, again, it’s a rare occurrence. If you’re a renter looking to rent or a landlord looking for a tenant, we are not your best partners.

Process with sellers

Outside of renting, our efforts are directed toward finding the best option; consulting and agreeing with our sellers, who know best what works for them, is key to successful business. Transactions with our SELLERS have to be designed so we can also offer deals that work for our buyers, in turn. We often buy and sell simultaneously at the same closing table, which enables us to offer the best solutions.

Benefits of Selling to us

For Home SELLERS, this means that they will:


    • net more than they would otherwise, and/or

    • they will sell more quickly, and/or

    • achieve an ethical sale, and/or

    • have a smoother and easier transaction, and/or

    • enjoy tax benefits and/or

    • much more…

How to get more information

Contact us for an introductory conversation and a preliminary assessment, so we can get you an offer quickly (within a few hours, if requested, is normal), if you and your home are eligible (most are).

Call/Text: 617-921-9265 or 617-999-0269

Inquiries here: Contact Us