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  • Real Estate 2022: Emotional Investors

    Emotional Investors: Who are they? In Residential Real Estate, Emotional Investors are Buyers who are in the market to acquire a property which they deem as their forever home, but also as their wealth builder through appreciation, low cost finance, tax benefits and more, including social status. What is their Background? They have little or […]

  • Pros & cons of having Wetlands on private property

    Pros & cons of having Wetlands on private property

    What do I need to know about Wetlands when buying or selling real estate? We noticed that buyers and their agents, and others, even local, can be a little confused about Wetlands and what they mean for a property. Disclosure: For transparency and honesty, please keep in mind that we have a property with Wetlands, […]

  • Norwell, MA Schools

    Norwell, MA Schools

    Norwell School System As everyone knows, one of the main reasons home hunters look in Norwell, Massachusetts, is because of its schools. Investment Criteria As we often point out, it’s one of our main criteria when deciding to invest in a property. Good schools, or excellent as they are in Norwell, always tell you so […]

  • New Home Design Trend

    New Home Design Trend

    Design trends changing It’s obvious that a lot has changed during these years of pandemic, directly or indirectly, and the real estate market has been impacted as well and in many ways. One of them is obvious in the interior of homes. Pandemic Challenges The reduced opportunities to interact with society and nature like before, […]

  • Single Family Home FOR SALE in Norwell, MA with Great Windows!

    Single Family Home FOR SALE in Norwell, MA with Great Windows!

    Design Our Norwell home was designed with the outside in mind. The idea of bringing inside the picturesque surroundings was a great way of enjoying nature from the comfort of your living area, preparing meals in the kitchen, even working in the office. Views Whatever you’re doing in this home, you can almost always enjoy […]