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Pros & cons of having Wetlands on my property

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What do I need to know about Wetlands when buying or selling real estate?

We noticed that buyers and their agents, and others, even local, can be a little confused about Wetlands and what they mean for a property.

731R Grove St is a large lot of almost 6 acres which include beautiful Wetlands

Disclosure: For transparency and honesty, please keep in mind that we have a property with Wetlands, at 731R Grove St, Norwell, MA – 02061, it’s for sale, so we could be biased. Please factor that information in when you read the article. However, we knew there were Wetlands before taking it over, and we were very happy to make the deal after doing our research and we will buy again similar lots.

Information in this article: it comes from our professional experience and knowledge not as a Wetland experts, but as real estate investors. As such, we have a definite interest in assessing projected risk and rewards of a potential acquisition with the plan to eventually sell.

Homes for sale MAssachusetts
Wetlands burst with wildlife in a very biodiverse ecosystem

Pros & Cons

Wetlands, like everything else there could be on a property, come with pros and cons whether you already own or you’re considering for purchase such a lot.

The big negative!

Let’s start with the big downside:

You can’t build on Wetlands!

It would be practically hard anyway, but on officially designated Wetlands, laws at all level of government make it impossible to legally build with heavy consequences for violators.

If you have them on your property, you definitely can’t build.

First big positive!

However, here comes the first pro:

Nobody can!

Not your neighbors, not the government, nobody!

That means you won’t see annoying structures being erected on your nearby Wetlands, on your property or not, violating your privacy and affecting the value of your property.

Wetlands are a natural way to control flood events and clean water

List of pros:

Now, a list of other pros not really countered by negatives, just positives with no hardly any downside of Wetlands, large or small:

  1. Wetlands self-manage and maintain themselves, in a delicate, but well balanced ecosystem, so no upkeep of any kind for the landowner.
  2. Wetlands improve water quality; they are the kidneys of the landscape, filtering water by capturing runoff, stripping it from contaminants, pollutants, sediment like nitrates, before releasing them into underground aquifers or rivers, streams and other outlets. They process wastewater and stormwater chemically, biologically and physically in a very cost-effective and natural way compared to multimillion dollar treatment plants.
  3. Wetlands Control Local Erosion; They protect pond & streambanks from erosion. The roots of wetland plants hold soil in place and can reduce velocity of water currents. Filter and control upland runoff.
  4. Wetlands provide Flood Control; soaking up, storing, processing and then releasing floodwater. They mitigate large flood events , like heavy rain and snow melts, in a natural and cost-efficient way.
  5. Wetlands enhance a biodiverse, Safe Habitat for Wildlife, especially threatened and endangered species. Wetlands cover an approx 5% of the land , yet 35% of threatened and endangered species live in Wetlands only. An additional 20% use Wetlands at some point in their life. Over 50% of the 800 species of protected migratory birds in the U.S. rely on Wetlands.
  6. Protection From Drought; Wetlands release stored floodwaters during droughts and soften the impact on nearby land and ecosystem of extended dry spells.
  7. Water Source; Wetlands can enhance water supply, serving as reservoirs for the watershed and releasing retained water into surface water and ground water.
  8. Recreation; Wetlands can become a destination for outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, bird watching, photography, research & education and hunting. Archery, Riding and Walking dogs are more examples of many more that could be listed here. They are all Passive activities, not Active, meaning that they do not impact, modify or transform the ecosystem.
  9. Education; Wetlands protection activities provide meaningful opportunities to educate the public regarding Wetlands science, Wetlands protection, and the value of water resources.
  10. Aesthetic Appeal; Wetlands provide a sure visual value and are often incorporated as features within landscape design.
  11. Social focus; Wetlands can be the focal point of community interest and activities, involving business and individuals.
  12. Wetlands can Mitigate Climate Change. First line of defense from effects of climate change and first affected. They store carbon possibly better than forests.
  13. Added Value; In the end, the sheer peace, quiet and calmness of Wetlands enhance the value of nearby land and dwellings.
  14. Mosquito, Tick, Parasite and Pest Control; undisturbed, not contaminated Wetlands biological dynamics, naturally control the proliferation of unwanted parasites, pests and carried diseases.
  15. Federal funding and various grant programs are available for the preservation of Wetlands. Something worth checking out for landowners with Wetlands on their property.


That’s a total of 1 negative and 16 positives of Wetlands which vary depending on the perspective of private property owned, for sale, considered for purchase or in general as present on the local territory.

Wetlands are a “wet” resource for landowners, neighbors and community, because we all benefit from clean air and clean water!

This cabin was for observing nature and enjoying the calmness & quiet

In the case of 731R Grove St, Norwell, MA – 02061, it’s not a coincidence that professor, naturalist and author William Gould Vinal (Cap’n Vinal) built a personal retreat near these Wetlands in Norwell, MA. By building the cabin in the present location, he created the ideal situation of quiet, inspiration and write, write, write about nature in the many books that made him famous and very respected locally and nationally. That’s why there are streets and schools named after him.

The cabin was in the middle of nature, near a pond, yet not far from Norwell life, on the edge of these Wetlands, with large windows on all sides and the ability to stay for prolonged periods of time, with access to water and a well (now power also) and a powerful heat source like the beautiful stone fireplace built in the center of the 400 sq ft cabin with solid oakwood floors.

This cabin is waiting for the right owner who can use it as needed, but hopefully respecting the historical value and meaning of this fascinating structure.

For more info about the property FOR SALE:

https://www.zillow.com/b/42.175716,-70.821083_ll/ or
Call/Text 617.921.9265 for more info about this home FOR SALE in Norwell, MA


Norwell, MA Schools

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Norwell School System

As everyone knows, one of the main reasons home hunters look in Norwell, Massachusetts, is because of its schools.

Investment Criteria

As we often point out, it’s one of our main criteria when deciding to invest in a property. Good schools, or excellent as they are in Norwell, always tell you so much about the local community and real estate market; low crime, quality homes, good administration, and in a nutshell, family-friendly, as we like it!


Just like the nearby elementary school named after the first owner of the cabin @ 731R Grove St, Norwell, MA, William Gould Vinal (“Cap’n Vinal”), the local middle school is at approx 1 mile as the crow flies and 1.5 miles by car.


Ranking in the top 10% of all middle schools in Massachusetts, which is already a great state for schools, the Norwell Middle school has a teacher-student ratio of approx 12 to 1 and 512 students. They all score great in tests and above average.

Similar Schools

It outranks nearby schools of nearby towns and most similar schools in Massachusetts and the country.

Student Development

The school seems to offer great support and strongly facilitate the academic growth and development of all its students more than most other similar schools. It also offers lots of extra activities for further student improvement.
That’s what parents like to hear…

Norwell House

If you have a family with middle school age children, now or soon, Norwell is definitely a great choice. The same choice when we invested in 731R Grove St, a very family-friendly home and great for student development and opportunities at all levels!

More Information

https://www.zillow.com/b/42.175716,-70.821083_ll/ or
text or call 617.921.9265 for more info about this home FOR SALE in Norwell, MA


New Home Design Trend

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Design trends changing

It’s obvious that a lot has changed during these years of pandemic, directly or indirectly, and the real estate market has been impacted as well and in many ways. One of them is obvious in the interior of homes.

Pandemic Challenges

The reduced opportunities to interact with society and nature like before, and the need to stay at home to abide by rules and guidelines or just out of fear, created a much stronger need for people to express their personality inside their homes.

New Trend

The consequence is that the popular trend of white, sterile, flat, bright, straight line and minimal kitchens, and other areas in homes, is being replaced by designs that better incorporate some character, thus reflecting the personality of the homeowner.

Personality infusion

Back are wood finish cabinets, black trim, appliances, knobs, furniture, arches and more; everything that allows some of the homeowners’ personality to transfuse into the interior design of their homes.

Sober Trend

This new trend is evident, but not extreme; there is a need for accents of character, rather than an all-out design revolution that totally rejects minimalism. Balance between the previous minimal decor and more soul pleasing character through contrast, allows for the best of both trends. It’s a compromise that creates warmer homes with little touches of character to express the personality of homeowners.

Steady Trend

Since life will not go back completely to what it was before the pandemic, these trends are here to stay for a while, like balanced design trends usually do.

Our Norwell home

At our Norwell home, a few weeks back, we decided to start renovations which include several updates.

Trendy Updates

We consulted with professionals, stagers, interior designers and decorators, and others, and eventually made choices that seem to embrace and almost anticipate, the above new trend.


Arches and curves around the house, less extreme kitchen design, with black appliances, matched with cherry wood cabinets, grey stone countertops and grey walls, light colored tiled floor, all complement the original oversized windows which let so much of the outdoors straight inside. Staging also compliments the trends with neutral grey colors and accents of black and touches of natural wood.


We are proud that we brought this beautiful home into 2022 by embracing the latest trends to achieve what nowadays buyers’ personalities are looking for.

Very Homey

This home is very family-friendly, open, but with private areas, well connected with nature and the beautiful surroundings, set back from the main street, but not isolated, accessible via a pretty driveway that loops around a pond.


Finally, a historic cabin on the lot completes the quest for character that in recent years had gone completely lost in extreme minimalism. Past trends were making homes more like houses than a pleasurable, cozy place to live, spend time with family, relax and now, with the latest increase of remote workers, work in comfort as well!

More Information

https://www.zillow.com/b/42.175716,-70.821083_ll/ or
text or call 617.921.9265 for more info about this home FOR SALE in Norwell, MA


Single Family Home FOR SALE in Norwell, MA with Great Windows!

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Our Norwell home was designed with the outside in mind. The idea of bringing inside the picturesque surroundings was a great way of enjoying nature from the comfort of your living area, preparing meals in the kitchen, even working in the office.


Whatever you’re doing in this home, you can almost always enjoy a beautiful view over the lawn, trees, garden, pond and lots of untouched and untouchable land.


This home boasts many oversized windows with the large, arched one above the front door, in one of the bedrooms. They are mostly casement windows, which allow for better ventilation and bring inside even more of the peaceful outside.

Natural Light

Bright, natural light is not lacking as the towering trees are beautiful, but set back far enough from the house to allow plenty of sunlight. All sides of the home have the opportunity of great views in all seasons.


The 2nd floor bathroom also enjoys a great window, but does not compromise privacy as it overlooks the back yard, where the lot extends to approx 310 ft from the house to the property line of dry land.
Lots of surrounding vegetation contribute to creating a natural privacy screen, but still don’t give the feeling of being isolated.

More Information

https://www.zillow.com/b/42.175716,-70.821083_ll/ or
text or call 617.921.9265 for more info about this home FOR SALE in Norwell, MA


Single Family Home FOR SALE in Norwell, MA with Perfect Home Office!

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Home Office

When computers became a necessary tool in our daily lives, especially since the internet allows for so much to be done remotely, homeowners started dedicating rooms to office use like never before; homebuyers started looking for one in the homes they were purchasing and homesellers began highlighting office spaces in their homes as selling features. Agents, stagers, even tax advisors and all professionals in real estate, started focusing on rooms which were already set up as offices or could be converted easily to office use.

Multiple Office Spaces

In these last years of pandemic, home offices have become an absolute must have for many home buyers so much, that having multiple spaces is becoming an appealing feature.

Nobody really knows if it’s going to revert back to a market where one office space is going to be the popular choice or we will witness a new standard of multiple office spaces in the same home.

New Standards

With many jobs having moved definitely to remote, even if many others will revert to “in presence”, the possibility offered by a home of having 2 or more office areas or rooms, is going to be an appealing feature.

Think about the surge of activity online, of availability of tools, apps, software that didn’t exist before and that will make it as easy as it has ever been to produce shows, organize meetings, publish content online. Many who were hesitant have now had their pandemic induced break-through and will continue their online efforts now that they now it works.

Our Norwell Home

We are lucky enough to have a home for sale in Norwell that does offer multiple spaces for multiple offices. One in particular not only works great as an office, but is very well located in the home to function as an office which can easily and conveniently have visitors, without the inconvenience of having to walk through the home.

1st Floor Office

The 1st floor office is accessible directly from the foyer, so visitors can walk right in, especially once pandemic guidelines and restrictions are lifted, that’s a significant advantage that preserves professionalism albeit in a home office environment.


It’s also nice that, with the present setup, the driveway can be easily monitored from the desk through the beautiful oversized windows. Visitors won’t surprise you. Being able to greet them in a timely way is always a great way to do business.

Professional Use of the Home

With plenty of parking space, it’s easy to see this home as a great place to use for professional reasons in a pleasant and efficient manner.

More Information

https://www.zillow.com/b/42.175716,-70.821083_ll/ or
text or call 617.921.9265 for more info about this home FOR SALE in Norwell, MA

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