Single Family Home FOR SALE in Norwell, MA with Perfect Home Office!

Home Office

When computers became a necessary tool in our daily lives, especially since the internet allows for so much to be done remotely, homeowners started dedicating rooms to office use like never before; homebuyers started looking for one in the homes they were purchasing and homesellers began highlighting office spaces in their homes as selling features. Agents, stagers, even tax advisors and all professionals in real estate, started focusing on rooms which were already set up as offices or could be converted easily to office use.

Multiple Office Spaces

In these last years of pandemic, home offices have become an absolute must have for many home buyers so much, that having multiple spaces is becoming an appealing feature.

Nobody really knows if it’s going to revert back to a market where one office space is going to be the popular choice or we will witness a new standard of multiple office spaces in the same home.

New Standards

With many jobs having moved definitely to remote, even if many others will revert to “in presence”, the possibility offered by a home of having 2 or more office areas or rooms, is going to be an appealing feature.

Think about the surge of activity online, of availability of tools, apps, software that didn’t exist before and that will make it as easy as it has ever been to produce shows, organize meetings, publish content online. Many who were hesitant have now had their pandemic induced break-through and will continue their online efforts now that they now it works.

Our Norwell Home

We are lucky enough to have a home for sale in Norwell that does offer multiple spaces for multiple offices. One in particular not only works great as an office, but is very well located in the home to function as an office which can easily and conveniently have visitors, without the inconvenience of having to walk through the home.

1st Floor Office

The 1st floor office is accessible directly from the foyer, so visitors can walk right in, especially once pandemic guidelines and restrictions are lifted, that’s a significant advantage that preserves professionalism albeit in a home office environment.


It’s also nice that, with the present setup, the driveway can be easily monitored from the desk through the beautiful oversized windows. Visitors won’t surprise you. Being able to greet them in a timely way is always a great way to do business.

Professional Use of the Home

With plenty of parking space, it’s easy to see this home as a great place to use for professional reasons in a pleasant and efficient manner.

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