Marco Brunicardi

Marco Brunicardi has lived and worked in three different countries during the course of his lifetime so far. He was born and partially raised in the UK, moved with his family, lived for a long time in Italy, and finally settled and started a family in the USA.

Marco credits his successful business as a real estate investor to his long experience, starting with his father, Milo Brunicardi, landlording in the UK capital’s (London) residential market. They switched to commercial real estate in Tuscany, Italy, and then he went back to residential in the US. Attending law school also helped him understand legal concepts and procedures. Experience in the family-run business of jewelry and antiques, mainly as a buyer, also as a seller, and often in the workshop, taught him a lot about how to run a business, handle employees, relationships, negotiation, and customer service.

Marco understands that sellers and buyers set their goals based on deeper needs and wants; that’s where his focus tends to be as a 360-degree residential real estate investor, with a special interest in deals on terms. In his transactions, real estate is not the focus; the seller’s and buyer’s challenges and goals are. He can take the tools offered by what the relevant real estate law supports and find the absolutely best option to achieve whatever the goals of sellers and buyers are.

The ability to find the best transaction is only limited by what is legal in the state, ethical for his business, and practical in achieving the targeted result in an efficient manner.

Marco operates with a permanent partner and, depending on the specifics of the deal, in joint ventures with other investors in all of the USA, frequently using the services of other professionals such as real estate attorneys and brokers.


He is Founder, Owner and Partner of Proxima Investors, Residential Real Estate Investors in America since 2015.