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Norwell, MA Schools

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Norwell School System

As everyone knows, one of the main reasons home hunters look in Norwell, Massachusetts, is because of its schools.

Investment Criteria

As we often point out, it’s one of our main criteria when deciding to invest in a property. Good schools, or excellent as they are in Norwell, always tell you so much about the local community and real estate market; low crime, quality homes, good administration, and in a nutshell, family-friendly, as we like it!


Just like the nearby elementary school named after the first owner of the cabin @ 731R Grove St, Norwell, MA, William Gould Vinal (“Cap’n Vinal”), the local middle school is at approx 1 mile as the crow flies and 1.5 miles by car.


Ranking in the top 10% of all middle schools in Massachusetts, which is already a great state for schools, the Norwell Middle school has a teacher-student ratio of approx 12 to 1 and 512 students. They all score great in tests and above average.

Similar Schools

It outranks nearby schools of nearby towns and most similar schools in Massachusetts and the country.

Student Development

The school seems to offer great support and strongly facilitate the academic growth and development of all its students more than most other similar schools. It also offers lots of extra activities for further student improvement.
That’s what parents like to hear…

Norwell House

If you have a family with middle school age children, now or soon, Norwell is definitely a great choice. The same choice when we invested in 731R Grove St, a very family-friendly home and great for student development and opportunities at all levels!

More Information

https://www.zillow.com/b/42.175716,-70.821083_ll/ or
text or call 617.921.9265 for more info about this home FOR SALE in Norwell, MA


New Home Design Trend

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Design trends changing

It’s obvious that a lot has changed during these years of pandemic, directly or indirectly, and the real estate market has been impacted as well and in many ways. One of them is obvious in the interior of homes.

Pandemic Challenges

The reduced opportunities to interact with society and nature like before, and the need to stay at home to abide by rules and guidelines or just out of fear, created a much stronger need for people to express their personality inside their homes.

New Trend

The consequence is that the popular trend of white, sterile, flat, bright, straight line and minimal kitchens, and other areas in homes, is being replaced by designs that better incorporate some character, thus reflecting the personality of the homeowner.

Personality infusion

Back are wood finish cabinets, black trim, appliances, knobs, furniture, arches and more; everything that allows some of the homeowners’ personality to transfuse into the interior design of their homes.

Sober Trend

This new trend is evident, but not extreme; there is a need for accents of character, rather than an all-out design revolution that totally rejects minimalism. Balance between the previous minimal decor and more soul pleasing character through contrast, allows for the best of both trends. It’s a compromise that creates warmer homes with little touches of character to express the personality of homeowners.

Steady Trend

Since life will not go back completely to what it was before the pandemic, these trends are here to stay for a while, like balanced design trends usually do.

Our Norwell home

At our Norwell home, a few weeks back, we decided to start renovations which include several updates.

Trendy Updates

We consulted with professionals, stagers, interior designers and decorators, and others, and eventually made choices that seem to embrace and almost anticipate, the above new trend.


Arches and curves around the house, less extreme kitchen design, with black appliances, matched with cherry wood cabinets, grey stone countertops and grey walls, light colored tiled floor, all complement the original oversized windows which let so much of the outdoors straight inside. Staging also compliments the trends with neutral grey colors and accents of black and touches of natural wood.


We are proud that we brought this beautiful home into 2022 by embracing the latest trends to achieve what nowadays buyers’ personalities are looking for.

Very Homey

This home is very family-friendly, open, but with private areas, well connected with nature and the beautiful surroundings, set back from the main street, but not isolated, accessible via a pretty driveway that loops around a pond.


Finally, a historic cabin on the lot completes the quest for character that in recent years had gone completely lost in extreme minimalism. Past trends were making homes more like houses than a pleasurable, cozy place to live, spend time with family, relax and now, with the latest increase of remote workers, work in comfort as well!

More Information

https://www.zillow.com/b/42.175716,-70.821083_ll/ or
text or call 617.921.9265 for more info about this home FOR SALE in Norwell, MA