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Single Family Home FOR SALE in Norwell, MA: William Gould Vinal Elementary School

William Gould Vinal School in Norwell, MA

One of the main reasons that home buyers pick Norwell, Massachusetts, for purchasing their next home, is because of the quality of the local school system. As real estate investors, before pouring our resources into a property in any town or city, one of our main criteria is the level of quality of the local schools. Good schools, or excellent as they are in Norwell, are almost always associated to many pros to investing in a community, such as low crime, high home values and positive trends, good local administration, traffic control, waste management, and so much more. Good schools are one of the major requirements for a family friendly home, which is our specialty.

Near our Norwell home is an elementary school, approximately 1 mile from the house as the crow flies, around 1.5 driving. It has excellent ratings scoring consistently above average.

The school named after Captain William Gould Vinal, a very well-known figure of the Norwell and South Shore area. He was a prolific author, professor, naturalist, and conservationist who vastly innovated and contributed to the modernization of his field (one of the 1st formal nature educators) and was very active and involved in many projects. Allegedly, he had a cabin built in the middle of nature to retreat and write about plants, animals, and life outdoors; we are fortunate enough to carry some of his legacy, since the cabin still survives intact, in great shape and is located on the lot where our Norwell property is, at 731 R Grove St, Norwell, MA!

The beautiful original oak floors, the massive stone fireplace, the well, the traditional stone foundation and all the fascinating features are still in great condition and ready to be used!

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You can view the cabin and the home online at,-70.821083_ll/ or call/text 617.921.9265 for more info about this home FOR SALE in Norwell, MA, to book an in person viewing and maybe test drive to the nearby elementary school to get a feeling for the very convenient close proximity of the elementary, but also the middle and high school.

William Gould Vinal School (Elementary) Norwell, Massachusetts

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