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We’re Back!

As you may have read elsewhere, especially on our social channels, we got severely hacked and our websites were compromised. This lead to a decision that had been in the air for a while regardless of the attack; we decided to make major changes in most of our websites by starting fresh, without having to continuously deal with hackers who used our websites vulnerabilities to spam.

They caused major damage to our websites and to stop them from carrying out their antisocial activities and prevent them from doing anything else in the future, our websites were taken down and NOT just cleaned up, but intentionally dismantled and deleted. By deleting the websites, we deleted the infectious files that were present in the thousands and were very difficult to eliminate without leaving any behind.

The extreme measure allows us to rebuild clean from scratch in different times, certainly in a very different real estate industry. It’s great to totally annihilate the hacking, but we are going to require some time to get everything back up and running.

Please bare with us as we complete a full restoration and many improvements which, we hope, will give a better experience to Home Sellers, Home Buyers, Investors, Agents and all professionals and non-professionals in the real estate market who want to engage and interact with us. Above all, we want to make sure visitors understand as much as possible about our real estate investments, since many are unfamiliar to most and sometimes not so clear.

Whatever doubts remain, and there should be because the options and variations are so many,

Happy 2022!

Anonymous hackers disrupted our online presence and drained our resources, thankfully with no impact whatsoever to our regular activities

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