About Proxima Investors

Having gone through issues which many others have to deal with when trying to sell and to buy, we understand the frustrating nature of the present real estate and finance market. After finding a way to solve our problems through lease purchase contracts both for selling our property and for buying another, we decided to start a family business, being a team of husband and wife, with a mission: help sellers and buyers overcome the same issues we had, be able to set frustration aside and move on to enjoying a less stressful life.

Hello, I'm Denise

I couldn't believe it when I found a company that offered what I am so enthusiastically offering myself now! I discovered a viable way to rent-to-own so I wasn't wasting money on rent knowing I would have to move sooner or later, and I could sell my home in a timeframe that suited my personal and financial circumstances to people I liked to be the new owners of a home I put so much into financially, emotionally and physically in a long and challenging total rehab. And that's why I am doing this!

I looked into these lease purchase deals, I carefully analyzed them, got professional advice, then I studied them and the whole process of engineering the right transaction and contracts which would offer satisfying solutions to property owners dealing with challenging sales and buyers requiring an unconventional approach to becoming home owners. Now I am ready to take over homes from motivated sellers and market them effectively to prospective buyers who can finally get on the property ladder.

Denise Rossi of Northboro, Ma, New England, for real estate investments

home for rent-to-own in massachusetts

Property Acquisition

We acquire homes and properties in New England from sellers who want to sell quickly and for top dollar, with no fees, straight or on terms.

homes for rent to own in Northborough Ma

Property sales

We sell our properties at the end of the lease or sooner, when the lease-purchaser is ready to complete the deal on the preagreed terms.

home selling and buying in Massachusetts

Property Leased

We qualify aspiring lease-purchasers and submit to sellers for approval then set up a lease based occupancy with commitment to purchase.

home selling and buying in Mass

Lease occupancy

We set up and manage the monthly lease of the property occupied by the lease-purchaser according to the terms of the contract.

Alternatives for sellers and solutions for buyers with temp credit issues

Our Properties

We consider, buy, sell and lease many types of real estate properties, but focus more on move-in ready homes suitable for families, with 2+ bedrooms and 2+ bathrooms, even in financial distress, all over Massachusetts and New England.

Listed properties

When there are more homes on the market than qualified buyers, some homes go unsold even if marketed by capable realtors. We are the alternative method of marketing and selling the unsold properties because we bring them to a broader market untapped by conventional sellers and real estate agents.


Our objective is to help sellers struggling to sell their property which can cause immense financial and emotional strain. An unsold home sitting on the market in the cold season just makes matters worse. We also take over properties from sellers who understand the benefits of our programs and find them better suited to their needs and aspirations.

Unpredictable life events

You carefully plan out your life and your family's after carefully, then an unpredictable and unfortunate event happens throwing off all your plans. Now you have trouble making mortgage payments, although they were perfectly affordable, and you need a quick solution before it gets worse and your situation irreversible. That's when we are needed and we step in!

Dedicated support

As buyers and then sellers, we are involved in every step of the deal with the seller and the deal with our buyer, also handling the lease part of any possible lease purchase deal. We have a network of attorneys and professionals who step in as needed, and at the signing of contracts. Having a broad range of contract solutions for home sellers and property buyers, it is our job to find and offer the best solution to the sellers and buyers issues from the many available. We also partner and work with many other investors across the country and use the services of professionals to design the best possible deal for all the parts involved.

Optimised for top dollar

In the traditional way of selling a property, which for decades has been dominated by the real estate agency finding a buyer and brokering a deal, the sale may turn out to be easy. However, aside from the fact that a sale is not guaranteed, in the fortunate event in which it happens and it goes through, sellers find themselves having to part with a significant amount of cash needed to cover the realtor fees. That amount is usually at least 5% and can easily be in the many thousands of dollars. Going FSBO may appear as a simple way to not incur in such hefty costs, but it definitely makes the sale a much harder process, without a professional assisting in the transaction. If we buy a property from a seller, though, we usually pay the full listing price, sometimes more, and, since we are not realtors and buy for ourselves, we do not charge any brokerage fees. So sellers cash in the full listing price, on terms, but with absolutely no realty service fees.

Rent-to-Own and Lease Purchase

Rent-to-own or Rent-to-Purchase in real estate, as usually intended, are not what we refer to when we say 'Lease-Purchase'. We prefer to keep the terms distinct and refer to two different situations; in the former (rent to own, RTO) the purchase of a property is a possibility, with various levels of certainty depending on the level of commitment, especially financial, while in the latter (Lease with Option to Purchase, LOP) the purchase is much more than a simple option and minds are already made up as to the final goal, which is the transfer of ownership. In the classic rent-to-own tennants tend to be such until they decide to become owners, while in 'our' model of Lease-Purchase, the agreement is set up with the final goal of buying/selling a property already decided, and the lease period being preparatory to the completion of the deal, which really is the sale.

Our Team

We are husband and wife who had challenges as homeowners wanting to sell their home and as buyers wanting to purchase a new home for their new family which suddenly expended with the unplanned blessing of twins. With numerous challenges and hurdles on the way, we can relate to both sellers struggling with selling issues and buyers wanting to get on the property ladder by buying a home and not wasting money any longer by renting their home. Unaware of the availability of the exact lease-purchase deals which we now do professionally, we were only lucky to stumble upon the right real estate ad and look into it. We usually would've written it off and moved on, but luckily we didn't. Fast forward a few years and we now offer the same deals to sellers and buyers hoping to be that same lucky chance that we had and find better property solutions for all those who decide to broaden their options and look into our same type of real estate selling and buying deals. We have been trained by the same company which invested with us and we still work with; we also work with many other investors who specialize in lease-purchase across the nation. We are more than happy to explain how and why it works, keeping in mind that although we can offer a broad range of deals, there are a limited number of circumstances which may make our deals not the best solution, but to find out all we need to do is talk! Call 617-999-0269 and let's see how good a solution we can find for you, seller or buyer!

Bedrooms: rent to own company in Massachusetts

Family friendly homes sell the best, quicker and for the full value, and that means at least 2 bedrooms, but 3 beds would be an ideal minimum.

Investing in Real Estate

Northborough, the rest of Worcester County and Massachusetts

Based on the number of bedrooms, the bathrooms should not be much fewer to make the home a good one to sell well. At least 2 baths, with at least another 1/2 bath would be great!

Investing in Homes

Somers, Tolland County and the rest of Connecticut
Open floor plan

Unlike in the past, buyers like to see open spaces and rooms that allow multiuse, like mudroom and office, dining and living, kitchen and entertainment, bar and gym, and also more sophisticated combinations allowed by an open floor concept. Smaller rooms with use limited to one purpose are a thing of the past.

Investing in Properties

Littleton, Grafton County and the rest of New Hampshire
Neutral decor

The lack of heavily personalized features, furniture and decorative items makes it much easier for most prospective buyers to imagine the house as their home. Neutral colors are easier to create the impression of space and flow. They also help focus on the home as a whole, rather than room by room, while still allowing features and details to pop.

Investing in Houses

Barre, Washington County and the rest of Vermont

Our Range of Property Values

We deal, buy and sell, in all sorts of properties in all ranges, however, most are of a value between $200,000 and just over $1,000,000 because these are on heavy demand and go much more quickly, ranging from days to weeks, rather than weeks to months which is should be understandable for $2,000,000 homes and up.


Our fees to the seller are ZERO. Unlike sellers' realtors we do not provide a realty service of any kind, we acquire properties and find our own buyers no matter what type of deal, including the typical lease purchase agreements which are between us and the lease purchaser. Typically, seller gets the price net of fees, commissions and any other similar cost.


Although we operate alongside our partners, affiliates, associates and all other professional and private investors across the whole country, we independently sell and buy properties mostly in New England with our volume of business projections for the near future listed below:


We may be yet the best solution for selling your property you can find in real estate

It's the alternative to a conventional listing with an agent or a For Sale By Owner (FSBO) endeavour and particularly useful when the market shows difficult challenges.