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What is a "Lease Purchase"

Lease purchase in Real Estate @ Proxima Investors differs from the "traditional" Rent-To-Own as a method of property use, purchase and sale. Typically starting with a downpayment towards the final purchase price of a property as agreed, it has a period of occupancy, variable in length but usually ranging from 12 to 48 months, similar to a lease, but with an enjoyment comparable to that of a full owner. It fully executes with the formal transfer of ownership at the end of the lease period and upon cumulative payment of the whole final agreed price.

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Lease-Purchasing and Rent to Own as an option to be considered by both Sellers and Buyers

Lease purchasing is growing in the US as an alternative method of selling a property for actual owners, for buying one for prospective owners. It comes in a variety of names as Rent to Own, Rent to Buy, Rent to Purchase, Lease-Option, Lease with Option to Purchase, Lease-Buy and others, but at this point in time we call it Lease-Purchase. This type of deal does not have a standard format, so every deal is different. We customize each deal based on the needs and wishes of our sellers and also our buyers; we also take into account the peculiarities of properties and locations. Every party involved wins if it's done properly from start to finish. With so much of a lease purchase contract that can be adapted to the parties and their specific situation, the transaction can be engineered so that it satisfies a very broad range of buyers and sellers. This type of deals does not work for every seller, buyer or property, but it provides the ebst value in most situations by far, if competently set up.
If owning a home is part of the American Dream, for some it will be only a dream, until we find them a solution and put them on the path of ownership!

Mortgage shopping in a Lease-Purchase: Benefits for Sellers and Buyers

One of the advantages of a Lease-Purchase for prospective Home Buyers is that it allows much more time to shop around for a mortgage. Obviously, it also allows to position themselves so better conditions are generally gained, like improving their credit score, professional advancements or saving towards downpayments. In a conventional sale instead, hard deadlines often must be met; after an offer subject to financing or other contingency is accepted, the sale is in pending status. The contingency on securing the funds, could hold up the Seller while the prospective Buyer is taking time to secure an acceptable loan/mortgage. With all the hurdles and pitfalls in any application in a tight credit environment like in the mortgage industry nowadays, not to mention the inherent inefficiencies of heavily regulated and burocratic processes, it certainly takes weeks, even if preapproved, or even months.

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Love Your Pet Day!

February 20th is the day that we celebrate our pets, more often than not an important member of so many families. This celebration gives us the opportunity to explain why we can describe ourselves, our homes and our deals, so pet friendly! We are proud pet owners, but why is our business so welcoming to pets? Many renters know that it can be an insurmountable hurdle that they hit when a Landlord doesn't allow pets, or overcharges for them or some, while sometimes discriminating (legally) between species and breeds. Many Landlords have also learned by experience of the amount of damage that some pets can do and nuisance that they can cause, without the capability to know before going into a rental agreement. In our deals, though, the renters have really committed to a purchase, not just a rental, and they are more comparable to owners who have to complete the formal Purchase and Sale, rather than renters who don't care and will move on at some point in the future. Our Buyers (rather than renters) care because they are committed to becoming the full owners. On the other hand, Selelrs don't care because they are NOT Landlords, with all the costs, risks and headaches associated with such position. It's going to be up to the Tenant/Buyers to manage their pets, with all benefits and consequences under their own control, and that sounds just fair. We pride ourselves in offering fair deals and this apsect of our Lease-Purchase deals in particular is a great example or benefits and responsibilities lined up fairly on the right side of the arrangements that we make!


Lease Purchase and Rent-to-Own

In Real Estate, lease purchase (short for lease with the option to purchase) is used interchangeably with rent-to-own pretty often and losely refers to the same type of agreement; essentially an arrangement between two parties in which there's an initial period of traditional rental. Before the end of said period the tenant chooses whether to exercise a preagreed option to purchase the property, within the timeframe decided at the time of the contract, at a price which can be the market value at the time of purchase or a predetermined fixed price and whatever other agreed terms. However, @ Proxima Investors, rent-to-own or lease-purchase are agreements which have a more specific and detailed structure which yields much different results. They are sa very accessible way to purchase a home for a buyer, and a convenient method to sell for owners/sellers, particularly due to the flexibility these deals offer. Once understood, they are a much more popular and appealing method than the traditional, yet rarely used, rent-to-own. A traditional rent-to-own arrangement can be better described as a very lose way for a seller to potentially sell a property, by installing a tenant who benefits from the option to purchase at some point and on some terms. In our deals, that choice is pretty much made going into the rental part, which becomes just a way to regulate and manage an advanced ownership, albeit not formally transfered. The tenant-buyer can enjoy the property as an owner to be, with most of the associated responsibilities, while the seller is never a typical landlord with all headaches that can come with a rental. So our lease-purchase/rent-to-own deals are, essentially, an alternative, very flexible and accessible way to Purchase or Sell a property, often much more convenient than a main stream Purchase and Sale transaction.

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Realtors and Real Estate Investors

Unlike other investors in real estate, we, @ Proxima Investors, value the services of realtors as an added and alternative channel to find the right properties and sellers for sound investments which are beneficial for all parties involved. Since we offer a different approach to buying and selling, we are often a better way to market a property for a realtor with regards to a specific property belonging to sellers who have specific needs or preferences. We have much respect for many agents who are extremely professional and skilled, however not all realtors, brokers and agents are at the same level and sometimes it becomes a matter of luck for sellers.

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